Annankisha Cemetery

The parish maintains a beautiful cemetery at Annakisha Church. The pavement, installed in 2016, makes a prayerful setting for a looped walk in the grounds of the Church.

Registrar:  Patrick Cronin

Caretaker: Arek Wiekoviski

Annakisha Cemetery Regulations

1. The plots remain at all times the property of Killavullen Parish. Title to all cemetery lands remains in the Parish.

2. The right of burial in the cemetery is granted subject to the decrees and canons of the Catholic Church and the rules and regulations of the cemetery in force at any particular time.

3. New cemetery plots will normally only be allocated for deceased parishioners. Non-parishioners may be permitted plots in exceptional circumstances.

4. Charges are payable to the Parish of Killavullen at the time a plot is reserved. The charge is €500 per single plot, payment being made through the Registrar of the cemetery. New cemetery plots will be allocated on the basis of the “next available” according to the cemetery layout.

5. Each single plot is defined as being 2.44 metres (8 feet) in length and 1.22 metres (4 feet) wide. The Alignment of the plot must follow the East-West axis that is traditional in Catholic cemeteries.

6. Memorials: The erection or removal of headstones is not permitted without the approval of the Registrar and/or the Parish Priest. All memorial stones and engravings must be in keeping with the cemetery and accepted Roman Catholic ethos with regard to such memorial stones and engravings.

7. The Parish accepts no responsibility for memorials or their safety and security. Once a memorial is erected it remains the property of the family of the deceased, who are responsible for maintaining it in a safe condition at all times. If the memorial is damaged or is in a dangerous state and as a result injury is caused to a third party, then the responsibility lies with the family of the deceased. The plot(s) should be maintained level with the surrounding surface area (following an appropriate interval following a burial).

8. The Parish is not responsible for damage to monuments or markers caused by water, ground shifting and/or inadequate design and/or defective  foundations.

9. Cemetery users are asked to keep the graveyard clean and tidy and are specifically required to remove their own items (for example, floral tributes) from grave areas. The planting of trees or shrubs on or in the vicinity of graves is not permitted.

– March 2019

Download Annakisha Cemetery Regulations here.