Movie Reviews and Musings

Fatima (2020)

The Marian apparitions at Fatima in 1917 brought hope to a people oppressed by war and poverty.




Just Mercy (2019)

The case against capital punishment is convincingly made in a true story from the United States.

Just Mercy



Outside the City (2019)

The life of a Trappist (Cistercian) monastic near Leicester (UK) is described in moving detail.  

Outside the City

Unplanned (2019)

Abby Johnson, a former director of a “planned parenthood” clinic has become a defender of the life of the unborn.  Here is her story.

Unplanned (2019)

The Two Popes (2019)

Star turns from Hopkins and Pryce in this fictional take on a unique time in modern Church history: the presence of two popes. 

Two Popes Movie Review

Silence (2017)

A Martin Scorsese movie with Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver.  The powerful story of the Jesuits in 17th Century Japan.  The Christians who suffer(ed) for their faith ask challenging questions of us all.