East Gable Window at Killavullen

Published on July 8, 2019

Work is underway in the East Gable Window of Killavullen Church. The elements of the frame that have decayed due to wet-rot will be replaced with pitch-pine timber.  A metal upstand will be built into the sill of the window to prevent a recurrence of water ingress at this point.  The stained glass, which was installed in the 1920s, has been removed for repair.  Each panel will be releaded; the broken pieces of glass will be replaced. The panels will then be secured to the renovated frame using stainless steel saddlebars (the previous supports had given way, causing the window to buckle).  As the renovated window will be watertight and well supported, the storm-glazing will not be refitted.  This will eliminate glare and create an aesthetically pleasing view of the window from the church avenue.  The window will be lit from the inside at night-time.  The project is expected to be completed by mid-August.  Thank you for your financial contributions to Killavullen Parish which enable us to complete this work.